Austellung Laibach Kunst 1980-2010

THE RED DISTRICT SYMPOSIUM (Past Perfect – Future Tense)

24th, 25th and 26th of September at Delavski dom Trbovlje

The symposium will present lectures on various aspects of the history and reference points in the development of the group Laibach. In a series of panel discussions the audience will have the chance to join in the debates. During the three days the symposium will cover subjects including the Yugoslav cultural context, retrogardism, collective practice, artistic and political scandals and the ways in which politicised art actions spill over into real life.

Short programme overview:

Friday, 24th
11:00: Guided tour through LaFarge Cementarna Trbovlje (Cement Factory)*
Start of Symposium: 13:30
13:30: Introduction: Alexei Monroe
13:45 Talk: Aleš Leko Gulič, prof.
14:30 Talk: Matjaž Berger (director)
15:15 Talk (Slovene language): Barbara Borčić (art historian, curator & publicist, SCCA-Ljubljana)
16:10 Talk (Slovene language): Igor Vidmar (political commentator, concert promoter, publisher)
17:00 Talk: Mark Terkessidis (author, editor)
18:00 Panel discussion: Recapitulation – actualisation
With: Chris Bohn, Pete Webb, Goran Lisica Fox,Dejan Kršić, Petar Janjatović

Saturday, 25th
11:00 Talk: Miško Šuvaković (art theorist, aesthetician)
11:45 Talk: Darko Štrajn (philosopher, researcher on pedagogy, author)
12:45 Talk: Jela Krečič (art theorist, journalist)
13:30 Talk: Jože Pirjevec (historian)
15:15 In conversation: Moderator: Zdenka Badovinac
With: Dragan Živadinov, Members of Laibach
16:30 Public Workshop with artist collective BridA - How to produce collectively

Sunday, 26th
11:00 Talk: Suzana Milevska (curator, theorist)
11:45 Talk: Miha Kovač (cultural / political analyst, publisher)
12:30 Talk: Darij Zadnikar (political philosopher)
14:00 Talk: Michael Goddard (author, media theorist)
14:45 Talk: Igor Pribac (philosopher, translator)
15:30 Panel discussion: moderated by Alexei Monroe
With: Zoran Thaler, Alexander Nym, NSK Citizens’ Congress Delegates
17:00 – 18:30: Guided tour through HSE Termoelektrarna Trbovlje TET (Power station TET)*
19:30 Lecture on Mount Kum*: Julijana Zabeva (musicologist)
20:00: Peter Mlakar: ”Sermon on the Mountain“
20:30: Laibach Kunst der Fuge, concert at the TV tower, Mount Kum.

*Transport between Delavski dom and factories, Mount Kum will be organised.